mardi 25 août 2009

First Steps

The University of Kinshasa students were selected to deploy 100 xos in the city of Goma
in the province of North Kivu in the Democratic republic of Congo. When applying to
the Olpcorps project, we’ve selected a partner NGO situated in the city of Kinshasa
which is the capital of the Congo. That’s why the 100 xos were sent to the city of
Kinshasa instead of being sent to the city of Goma directly. These machines were stored
in security, first in the University of Kinshasa , than in the office of the vice-prime
minister in charge of reconstruction.
Today we started the process of moving the 100 xos from the city of Kinshasa to the
deployment area.

This is Eddy Mintela
We continued to work and it was not a long or hard work, but we were happy and proud
of doing that job.

Still working
We finished and were ready to move

The 100 xos were in twenty big boxes and they were five Xos in each boxe.
The first thing we did was renting a car to move the laptops from the office to the cargo
service. We approached several companies and were a bit concerned because DHL was
not serving in the other provinces of the Congo. This is by far one of the best and safe
cargo company in the world. As the aviation company in the congo is one of the most
dangerous in the world, we were careful to choose the company that would transfer the
228 kg package. Finally, we chose Trans Air Cargo Services which is a company
specialized in the cargo field.
Here we started putting the boxes in the vehicle
In the left of the vehicle is Emmanuel Diasso and we were putting the boxes of the XO
laptops in the vehicle

After some minutes, we reached the entrepot of the cargo service. The package had to be
arranged in order to be transferred to the airport. Here is our arrival to the cargo service

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